Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2/22/2008 scoutmaster Unknown

A high adventure trip to Philmont Scout Ranch has been planned for 2009!!! I'm hoping to use this blog as a method to keep everyone current on everything related to our Philmont adventure, planning, fund raising, shakedown trips, etc... Our fund raising efforts have started, and we are off to a good start!!! Thank you, Mr. Sharkey! The next stop on the fund raising express is a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 29th.

2/13/2008 admin Unknown

January Ski Trip  Submitted by Kyle M. We had our annual ski trip to Alpine Mountain on January 18, 19 and 20. We arrived at the refrigerator we sleep in at around 8 o’clock on Friday night. We had hot dogs and chips for snack and then had a fabulous night of sleep on the refrigerator floor. For breakfast, we had pancakes (round this time) and bacon and went straight to the mountain. Some of us skied and others went tubing.  There were a couple good falls but no broken bones this year.

2/13/2008 admin Unknown

The November Camping Trip Submitted by Kyle M. On the weekend of November 16, Troop 603 had a great weekend at Camp Rodney. We arrived Friday night and had to setup in the dark, it took awhile but we got it done. Saturday morning, Mr. Carlson cooked us pancakes and bacon. Our pancakes took on many different shapes, the United States, Mickey Mouse, etc. After breakfast, everyone gathered firewood in preparation for each patrol to cook their dinner.

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