Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2008 - Summer Camp Experience - Day 2

7/7/2008 Mr D Unknown

WHAT A DAY!!! yeah - I know, you all expect me to talk about how positive everything is here and that nothing could possibly go wrong here at Camp Henson. I could probably spin a web of language that would grab your attention and never let your eyes move from the screen, at least until I release you. But the honest truth is..... your loving sons are running me ragged! ;-) Overall the weather has seen 50% hot with an additional 50% chance of HOT HOT! Try and picture the morning sun quietly peeking into our dining fly, filled to capacity with scouts, leaders, fathers and Henson Staff all talking to one another and enjoying their breakfast with the temperature quickly raising to just short of everglades. The attire of the day is so brightly colored that it resembles an explosion at the crayola factory. Hawaiin shirts are abundant! My days are spent with the younger guys who are here for the first time. The excitement of being here grew to a stunning crechendo as we started our day today. The highlight was seeing most of my boys enter the pool before lunch as basic swimmers (this was determined by their performace in our May swim test) and leaving the pool as REAL SWIMMERS, TEST ACCOMPLSHERS, ALL AROUND HAPPY GUYS!! The look on their faces as we went to lunch with their newly earned BLUE badges of accomplishment paid for my entire trip! One guy grew at least an inch! On top of that they all worked as a team and ended the day winning the "crown"  from their final class, to take back to our campsite. Here was my topper for the day. One of our older boys also earned his blue swimmers tag. Doesn't sound like much, but let me tell you a little about this young lad. He has been trying for the past three years to finish his test. He is almost as tall as me, has an overabundat amount of heart and very little self confidence. When I saw him after his swimming class, he was dressed and standing on the wrong side of the fence. I asked why he wasn't going to give the test a try and he responded with : KNEE JERK RESPONSE #72 - the dreaded "I would Mr D, but my stomach is bothering me" Well, having used that excuse myself as a brazen youngster, at least 17 trazillion times, I have a pretty good sense of when this could be a ruse, a scam, trying to get one over and even a bold faced way to work at my sympathies. Lucky for him I have no heart. I used: KNEE JERK RESPONSE / RESPONSE # 13 - the infamous "Stomach hurts? leave it on your towel and go get in the pool!" made him smile and he walked in, but really not that much in love with going back and taking his test. After Mr. McCann , our benevolent leader, applied a little loving encouragement, a stunning, well placed nudge into the pool - our boy did it! Again - the look on his face was absolutly priceless. In short - yeah too late - we have avoided the liquid sunshine so far, the boys have spent almost all of their money at the trading post - the camp is full of pen knives, rubber chickens , screaming balloons and stretchy sharks - and my Scorpion Patrol has made it through both their first night and first day of the program, and want to go back tomorrow. I do have one last observation before I log off for the night. I think this is the first time I have really seen this troop start to work as a real, tight family. The younger kids are feeling right at home with the older. The second year Henson vetrans have easily fallen into the routine of going to their own individual classes - And our older boys, my Crossbone patrol, my charges for the 2007 / 2008 scouting year, well.......none of them has done anything overly ridiculous, so I am real happy about that. Type at you tomorrow! I'm going to go back into the heat and think cool thoughts while the boys enjoy their after hours Troop Swim! BE PROUD OF YOUR BOYS!!! They are having a blast and are showing an outstanding enthusiasm to all of this! I couldn't be any happier at all of their accomplishments so far, and this is the first day! See you on the trail! Mr D