Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2008 - Summer Camp Experience - WE'RE COMING HOME!

7/11/2008 Mr D Unknown

The real last day has come and gone here at Camp Henson. The packing has started and last trips to the Trading Post have been run. We've had our ups and downs - but overall the troop 603 family came through a little tighter than when we started. A few last thoughts and happenings for your reading pleasure - * One boy insisted that he go home with a mohawk. It's a good thing Mr. Sharkey's clippers are battery powered. You should have seen how much hair came off this young lad. His mom will definitely be surprised! Last I heard they were leaving for a trip first thing Saturday. Sorry Mom's, I'm sworn to secrecy on the identity of this young lad. * Our youngest scouts completed their Brown Sea program successfully completed a large number of requirements for Tenderfoot, First AND Second class. We spent the better part of an our going over their books and adding a MR D to the completes. They also earned two additional merit badges - you will have to ask them which ones! * Two boys spoke to me about out gateway, and reported that they had heard about it but did not see it. I told them it was coming down today and they would have to hurry. When they left I didn't much of it - until they took the extra time to come back up to the admin building to tell me how "COOL" it was. * A couple of our scouts took their fear of heights and of the water head on. THEY took the climbing and swimming merit badges, and got themselves up to class and took on their concerns head on. GREAT JOB GUYS! * The BIG Cahunna participated in the Scout Master Splash this evening complete with Grass Skirt. At this point we will not give the identity of which of our fine helicopter salesmen hit the pool with the fine looking costume, so I won't tell. In conclusion for the week - I leave you with this: Day is done..... Gone the sun.... from the lakes to the hills to the sky..... All is well..... Safely Rest...... God is Nigh......... May the greatest Scoutmaster of all time be with us until we meet again. See you on the trail Mr D