Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2008 Octobber - Zero to Hero

10/31/2008 tmccann Unknown

On the weekend of the 17th -19th, troop 603 held it's annual "Zero to Hero" at the Scannell Readiness Center. I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Denim and the rest of the volunteer parents and troops that made the day possible. Out of the eight or nine stations my personal favorite was Mr. Howe's cooking. Mr. Howe was having each cub scout make a mouth watering apple. The apples were hollowed out with melted chocolate and marshmallow (I think) in the middle.

The other stations were; obstacle course, team building, rock climbing, drill, gear demonstration and Hum-V rides. On the obstacle course two cubs or scouts were pitted against each other in a friendly competition. In team building the cubs friendship and listening skills were put to the test. In rock climbing the cub scouts strength and endurance were put to the test. In drill, one of the volunteers showed the boys what it would be like to be in the army. He or she drilled half of one of the groups up and down the street while another showed them how to raise, lower and fold the national flag. In gear demonstration one of volunteers showed the boys some typical field equipment. And last but not least, the cubs got a ride in a military Hum-V. To end the day we retired the national colors. Then we watched a helicopter take off. Again, I would like to thank all the volunteers for coming out and making this day so special, with a really good lunch, and teaching the next generation of boy scouts valuable skills. Also, I would like to thank the boy scouts of troop 603 that showed up. The amount of effort they put in is amazing.

Wil D.