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2010 - Summer Camp - A Scout is Reverant

7/15/2010 Mr D Unknown

Well that title should say it all - of the many many point of the scout law - (somewhere around 235 at last count - I added a few for my boys to make it more of a challenge: A scout is sweet smelling, a scout is always around to wash the scoutmasters car..... and so on); My favorite really is A Scout is Reverent. It is a simple way of keeping a sense of oneness with the Lord and the beautiful surroundings that are available to us without an electric cord or even a flashing red light of doom letting you know that your batteries are about to die. At this point I do need to apologise because today's lesson taken from the book of Mr D really has little to do with a serious delving into spirituality, but instead I will take a little bit of inspiration (huh - good tie in there) and give you "THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS OF SUMMER CAMP!" So here they are: 1) Thall shalt (I'll apologize in advance about using the shalts but it all in the good cause of a chuckle and using a Don't / Do will not tie into the subject line nearly as well) Any way - Thall Shart try all of the food that is presented for meals. Wow - why is that important - GOOD Question! We try to make sure we have a well balanced meal plan for all of the boys - We never serve the fried squid without a tasty sauce made with cranberries and so what if the boy need to catch the frogs to be sure we have enough for the stews.....this is a chance to try something new. We have a simple rule - try everything come back for the stuff you like - next year I'll be running for Scoutmaster of the year so be ready for Deep fried Twizzlers with a supper fizzy sour sauce. I'm a shoe in! 2) Thall Shall change your socks - Mr D - DO you really need to make this in the top five?; again a question of epic gravity. The simple answer is OHHHHHHH YEAH! Picture the twenty three smiling cherub faced boys - all looking to you with a glance of hope, excitement and a little anxiety about facing a new day. Some with a streak or two or dirt or breakfast across their face - but a look to be in a Alphonse Rockwell painting (Norman's little known brother, not as well artistically rounded - but crayon is as good a medium as anything else) Anyway - as the camera pans down past the boys troop shirts lovingly stitched by the koobler elves and moves to their feet (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) I'd like to paint a picture using each and every word in the newest edition of the Funk and Wagnalls - But I'll save for you and just say that this needs to be a rule and not a guideline. 3) Thou Shalt NOT make comments about MR D's balding head while he is within earshot - OK - I'm weak 4) Though Shalt keep fires small, controlled and away from Andrew - I don't usually mention names in my blogs - but here, in these absolute rules, the guidelines to live by, it is appropriate. If anything is going to happen, occur, descend, shoot out, break or all around be questionable - my young lad will be in the blast range of doom. We save time and strap the med bag around his neck, much like the alpine dogs of yesteryear minus the cask. Its far easier and the boy really doesn't mind. 5) Thou Shalt not ask the same question more than 20 times in the same five minutes, even if you think you are being clever and changing the words around so that you confuse poor old Mr D into saying "yes". I'm still a little sharper than a bowling ball - and I surround myself with other leaders. We are like the think tanks of scouting (more like a fish tank without all those annoying bubble things that make you need to use a rest room from listening, but I may be off topic a bit here) So you would think that 5 wouldn't really cover the scouting experience - and truth is - it really doesn't - I could go on forever about the overall rules to the point where they would just get silly. But here I am after a full day - the boys are past the hump of the week and getting excited about being able to go home to their showers and beds, clean underwear and electronics and best off - Cheese Curls - they ran out at the camp store and you could imagine the collective scream of oh no as the news spread like wild fire, who knew? I was able to tour the entire camp today, looking in on all of my first years through the 603 boys on staff - let me tell you how happy they looked.  The temperature was at a comfortable 3,000 degrees so the walk from class to class was pleasant, at least until you go into the sun.  Don't want to say it was hot - but reminded me of the time I was chased by tigers in the serengeti...... we''ll save that one for a later blog (or at least until I extend the story - it still confuses the boys as is :-) ) Brown Sea boys in Nature Class (check all good and having fun in the woods) - Boys earning their 100 year anniversary badges (Check - waving flags at each other in the old style texting called semaphore or tracking each other in circles) Boating, Climbing, Computing, Picture taking, first aiding, swimming, auto maintancing and shooting.  All having fun as they finish up their classes to earn their badges for this year. All is well - the boys are ready to come home - there has been alot or crying - but the leaders will all stop when you pick you bundles of loving stinkiness up on Saturday :-) Be proud of your Boys!  They will all look a little taller and worldly when you first see them!  They worked hard, played hard and never cease to amaze and make me proud! Still here at Henson Summer Camp! See you on the Trail! Mr D