Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2010 - Summer Camp - Day 3,542 - The Thunderstorm

7/14/2010 Mr D Unknown

Hello there camp fans and welcome back to another round of what is Mr D thinking this time. That's right the time that everyone loves in the day when he sits down at the computer and his splaying digits spread his newly found experience to the masses. I'm going to pick up where I left off last night - as I was shutting down last night I was given the news that the end of the world was coming in the next few minutes in the form of a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. It was over the Chesapeake at the time but was coming fast. Mr O and I left the admin and could see the bright - daytime like flashes making their way to us and the biggest thought I had was..... Wonderful - the boys just got back after showers and now - MUD. Luck was with my com-padre and I because we made it back to the boat yard, next to the river, under the trees before the thunderstorm hit. It was mass chaos - kids in all directions - some running in circles - a few wanted to go home - all giving me a headcount as soon as I was seen in camp. Would have been great if anyone of them matched though. Great news was the storm was not coming as fast as it looked - we had time to tie down the tents - do a visual count of scout noggins - confirm we had all of my little curmudgeons in their bunks and safe before the first drops of water hit. Drops of water....drops of water.... yeah - it was like the tide came in over our heads at breakneck speed. But I was good - not only were all safe and freshly showered and wearing clean clothing (mostly) but the adult chairs were safely stored under the tarps so out collective cabooses would be somewhat dry as we waited this one out. I decided with a couple of my friends to stay under our aluminum ribbed tarp, next to the propane tanks when everything started - my initial thought was that way I was at the entrance and no one would get by in a panic and another reason was... THIS WAS A REALLY COOL STORM AND I WASN'T MISSING IT!!!!!! No kidding - the first flash of lightning turned the entire camp to day for a split second, we counted and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....wait for it..............OOOOOMM! The good news was only half of the boys needed to re-change into clean clothing after that one, the other half just wanted to go home. Boy what a night. I do want to mention the rescue deed a couple of my older scouts accomplished - I asked the older boys to keep their eyes and especially their ears open for any signs of panic, home sickness or all out terror while we battened down the camp. These two heard the scream of "HELP!" from one of the tents that they knew had the younger scouts - both immediately bolted to their fellow scouts aid - checked the situation and ran across camp to get me - This was no small feat! The lightning and thunder was past - but Niagara was still falling! Mr L jumped to his feat like the super hero the he is and also thinks he looks like (uhhhhhh yep) and ran back to the younger scouts while Mr Howe and I sat in our chairs with the dry seats, and asked the older boys what the problem was. The tent had a HUGE hole and the water was pouring in at a rate that threatened to take both boys down the river riding their respective TI Boxes (good thing we made them from wood huh? forward thinking - what do you do in the case of tides...... Well the crisis was averted - the huge hole was fixed with a piece of tape and the steady drip was stopped! Another fine save from Mr L. My older scouts made their way back to their tent and stepped (fell) into the knee deep puddle that they missed on the way to us - and they had a blast! In all seriousness - this was a fantastic example of how we all look out for each other and do not even think twice about putting their training into practice. The younger boys were not in danger at any time, but they were seriously unhappy - my boys jumped, judged the problem and went for help immediately and without fuss. I cannot express in this silly bunch of words how proud I am of every one in this troop and the way that we all look out for each other! Well - gonna go back out - the boys are all taking part in the camp-wide games, wearing their viking helmets and screaming alot. So far each of their stops have given them points for enthusiasm. At this point in the week - I think it would be safe to declare this trip a success! Proudly representing the Boys and Leadership of Troop 603 at Summer Camp 2010! See you on the trail! Mr D