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Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2010 - Summer Camp - The First Day is Done!

7/12/2010 Mr D Unknown

You now the biggest thing I have to worry about as I start my trek from our campsite to the admin building to set these words forever into the electronic signals of the Internet is.... What in the name of flying monkeys am I going to say this time? But Fear not fellow 603 blog followers - I am with your boys and there is always something going on here. So today I'd like to talk about my Brown Sea group and the steps to proper first aid. So your first question on your mind is probably...."why do I keep logging into this site an reading whatever seems to fall out of this guys head and onto the keys." But besides that your next question is probably "Mr D what is Brown Sea and what does it really mean?" I'm glad you asked - the second question I mean, the first can be cured after some good talk time with a trained professional, but Brown Sea is the program at summer camp for all of the newer boys that just came from cubs. It gives them a chance to learn some of the basic scout skills needed but also to help them adjust to scout life. The program is named after one that our founder put together for the first scouts from London. He took a group out to a place called Brown Sea Island for week program of basic fundamental skills of first aid, knot tying and creating non flush-able facilities with a really fancy French name. And here we are - a good long time later - pretty much following in his footsteps and torturing young lads for a week of forced showers and eating outside. So any way here are the steps that I noticed that my new boys use in treating an injured person: 1) Keep calm - while this seems to be extremely hard to practice - the first step is to do this. My young lad, upon hearing that bug spray was put on his buddies scratch followed this rule wonderfully. He raised one finger in to the air like Superman about to take flight and screamed "I HAVE MY FIRST AID KIT!!!" And in fact he did - he hasn't taken it off his belt since he arrived. Now it was good that this young Marcus Welby yelled very loud because it got my attention so that I could witness and stop him from putting full badges around the boys leg - this would have been OK accept the scratch was at the back of the other boys neck. 2) Carefully open your med kit - In his excitement the kit was opened and the bandages flew - as I walked over I was greeted with a wonderful flesh colored ticker tape parade. 3) administer the first aid - again, these probably seem like simple steps - but in the case of Wilderness first aid the practice of helping your wounded individual should not be stopped until complete - even in the case of jumping frogs. So, by keeping these simple rules in mind you should be able to easily administer first aid four minor injuries without additional injury. Now if you are looking for me - I'm hiding from the overanxious scout who found that I got a splinter from the picnic table. I admit I panicked - but when they talked body cast, I bolted. Have a great day! See you on the trail! Mr. D