Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2010 Summer Camp - Day 2 - the lost rain forest adventure

7/13/2010 Mr D Unknown

Hot - some words just do not get the point across - Hot just doesn't give you the right feeling for the type of weather that hit us today. Lets say that it was "Swelteringly sticky with a chance of oh my God I think I can see you through the haze in front of you and why do I feel like I am breathing through a cotton filtered aqualung" kind of weather. We all woke up at a refreshing hour of 6:00 am and wrung out our sleeping clothes because it was time for ....... FRIGID FROG!!!!!! ( insert creepy organ music here please - much like the kind used in the old Black and White Frankenstein movies). That's right - these boys all rose to put on their bathing suits to jump into the frigid waters of the Camp Henson Pool.... We chopped through the floor of ice - doned our goggles and gave it the collage try - in we went - some feet first - some in a dive - we had the paramedics and crash carts available for the older soles with poor hearts and frost bite victims.....and.......um......and.... Ok - the truth of the matter is 23 boys were force marched to a luke warm pool and told them they had to jump in. All of this was done while I sat back in my camp chair and enjoyed my first cup of coffee. But they came back to camp refreshed - ready to face the day and also a little more purified form the chlorine. Good thing all around really. Then it came - The Rain - and not a summer shower or a slight sprinkling - this was the cool wrath of the Lord kind of stuff - we couldn't here people close to you and animals were leaving for the boatyard in two's. But at least it cooled off the camp to a chilly 175 degrees and brought down the humidity at least a percent or two. It was a little sticky - no doubt about it - the boys all looked liek they had been shrink wrapped in their clothes - so much for the pool water. But like everything else we all survived another day of fun - got a little damp while we frolicked or went to the camp store to spend the rest of our hard earned cash and change found in the bottom of TI Boxes on the worlds best candy - Nerd Rope! Pure sugary goodness lovingly wrapped in a cellophane that calls to you from the shelves - much like the sirens from the Greek legends. Or at least that's what they told me. But the weather cleared and I made my way to one of the classes that a few of my boys were taking. Good walk and I'm glad that I made it. Going to the door with excitement and pride as a couple of my boys would start woodcarving and maybe starting on a new hobby that could last a lifetime. Ah - a Kodak moment in the works - Scoutmaster looking in on his boys as they work diligently on their wood projects while trying not to alter their hands in any way with the choices of sharpened tool. I was there - couldn't;t wait - ready to be proud........ their seats were empty. The Kodak moment changed to one of them walking toward me up the path, one quickly trying to explain that it wasn't their fault and the other so nervous he almost made his ice cream explode - oh well - another life experience and a build of the myth that Mr D is everywhere. I'm off now to gather the boys for another end of day march - It's Shower Night! See you soon - We are all well here t camp! See you on the trail! Mr D