Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2010- Summer Camp - Another year coming to an end

7/16/2010 Mr D Unknown

Here we are - the end of a fantastic week at Camp Henson - and another journey for the boys of Troop 603. I am writing early today because we will be participating in the You Gotta Regatta and the Scoutmaster Splash later on. The boys have their camp raft built and ready for launch in the pool, their viking helmets ready for spirit and their Scoutmaster ready to jump in. After that we have our closing Campfire. We will be presenting the camp and fellow troops with something special tonight. There is a tradition that has been passed in a line from 1933 till tonight and has been around the world. Ashes from the original campfire have been taken to other events around the world - added to the opening of a campfire and the list of events shared with all participating troops. Each troop takes some of the cooled (that part is kinda important) ashes with them to share with other troops. We will be sharing ours with 14 other troops and the Henson Camp. Kinda cool! I leave you with some final thoughts for this week: 1) They boys are always stronger than you think, smarter than they act, and greater than they will ever know 2) My senior boys have gotten it! I've seen more examples of scouts helping scouts in the past week than I thought possible! 3) excitement can be contagious - try it - I love the results 4) the camp store never runs out of nerd rope of ice cream - even though the boys tried their darnedest 5) don't be afraid to try something new - whether its the dinner of deep fried bat wings with a lovely hollandaise sauce - or watching Mr L carve wood and himself a few times - keep trying - sometimes you can only get better! 6) and finally - these boys never cease to make me proud! They rallied through homesickness, bad weather, thunderstorms, exotic days (not my word it was one of your boys....really) and grumpy old guys - They did it! and they were all feeling pretty good when I left camp a little while ago. So it's here I leave you with the words to the song that we sing at the end of each meeting and campfire: Softly falls the light of day As our campfire fades away.... Silently each scout should ask Have I done my Daily task.... Have I kept my honor bright.... Can I guiltless sleep tonight.... Have I done and have I dared Everything to be prepared. See you on the trail Mr D