Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2011 - Summer Camp - Day 2 - What is a Funyack anyway?

7/19/2011 Mr D Unknown

Believe you me, that is the question.  We knew what a kayak is and what a Yack is, but I gotta tell you the idea of a combination only brought me visions of a big smelly, hairy water vehicle that I was not in any way curious enough to check out.  But a scout is curious, so I had to know what this "funyack" thing really was.  One of our beloved, accident prone scouts went to the lake that was set for yacking earlier in the day.  When he came back (squishy and smelly like lake water, I asked him for a report on the implement of such fun on the water. the following is a sample of the exact words that came from this young lads vocal strings: Scout - "A funyack is yellow, ah, kinda looks like a banana, you sit in it and paddle" oh - well - OK valued readers - that kinda makes sense to me - a yellow banana shaped paddle vehicle - right - but my inquiring mind needed to know why he was soaked from head to toe: Scout - " well I sat in it" I hope you are feeling the same streak of suspense and willingness to read on as I am to bring the information to you - he continued: Scout - " ummmmm, well I sat in it, it filled with water and it kinda sank" I assure you dear parents - I tried desperately not to laugh - I think its one of the scout points - A scoutmaster is straight faced when he needs to be. Scout - "Mr D - there is a little more"   Wait for it......   Scout - "I was 2 feet from the dock and it took 20 minutes to come back up"   OK - I'm outta here - the laughter started and I couldn't help it.  Not my fault - this after he told me he had clogged a porta pot - A feat that even the mighty Hercules would have a problem with.   On another note - My first year scouts were given the opportunity to serve as color guard for the camp today.  In addition the camp flew the Delaware state flag all day!  these are the moments that make me proud to be the scoutmaster of this troop!  When my older scouts work with the younger and we represent 603 with the honor it deserves! Be proud of our boys! Live from Mosquito front and funyack capitol of this beloved Nation of ours!   See you on the trail! Mr D