Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2011 Summer Camp – A tale of the ROOT BEER FLOAT

7/21/2011 Mr D Unknown

It’s kinda like an old western movie.  As the dust settles throughout the day – the groups of townsfolk all gather at the general store to catch up on the day’s events and settle back for a quick ROOT BEER FLOAT.  Not much different here at summer camp. In between the rush to be where ever a young lad and his buddy are off to, a quick stop for an infusion of sugary goodness can old make the day go that much better.  I’ll give you an idea of the cast of 603 characters as they appear in today’s theater of the mind. -         The young braves – five of the youngest members of the group.  Each walking just a little bit taller as each day goes by and they accomplish their goals for the week.  Just a quick stop for a handful of “air heads, pretzel bites, ice cream, ROOT BEER, sugar, sugar and a little sugar just to make sure they are ready to face another day of fun and frolic.  After a quick check to be sure they have all of the necessary goodness ready for the morning trek – they are off. -         The “goof balls” – Various groups of boys in that middle aged group of scouts, yeah middle aged – you know like 15 and 16 – The age of “I know”.  Wow what fun – time has no meaning as they stop off to grab a quick  bag of chips, a ROOT BEER FLOAT -  and check in with each other before they are off to their first classes of the day. -         The “OH MY GOSH’s” – these are the guys that stop for a root beer float sit down to enjoy a few minutes of frothy goodness and then realize they have about 15 seconds to get clear across camp screaming “OH MY GOSH” or some variant of it.  This gets funnier each time I see it.  No need to worry if you missed it this morning – show times are between each class, meals and siesta time. -         The Kodiak group – These are the four boys that will be part of you scout leadership team this year.  When ever you see them you expect the camera to go to slow motion as they walk with just the right amount of dust wisping into the air with each step.  These guys have been working as a team all week in their program and the results show.  They come down the path like Wyatt Erp and his boys ready to clean the town, but first – A ROOT BEER FLOAT! -         The new adult leaders – This is the group we brought that has recently crossed over into the realm of adult leadership.  Ahh the fine age of 18 and ready to take on the world.  That’s right folks – these guys are gonna clea up this town and make it better for everyone in it.  But first – A ROOT BEER FLOAT! And then a nap or two, then I’m sure they will be ready to go. -         The Leadership – these guys (myself included) sit at the table outside of the trading post like the town elders discussing the problems and events of the time.  But only looks like – truth is we are sitting there enjoying our ROOT BEER FLOATS and discussing nothing in general.  But mostly laughing.   They boys are having a blast this week – we’ve past the midway point and other than Mr. Howe no one is showing signs of being homesick.  I got updates on the Merit Badge progress last night and all of our boys are on track to earn their individual badges.   Enthusiasm is high and the fun level is still hitting the top marks on the scale.  Last night the boys all participated in the camp wide games – wearing their war paint and ready to take over the world.   Today looks to be the hottest day of the week and the afternoon will be spent swimming and boating to try and keep cool.  I have been invited to go off site with the Kodiak group and participate in their day of sailing.  I am looking forward to another day of experience.   We will be spending the night away from camp and at one of the outposts.  The site would be quiet as the Young Braves, the Astronomy Class, and the Wilderness Survival Class are all staying at individual areas as well.   Just another great experience that these boys are going to enjoy.  Of course I will miss my ROOT BEER FLOAT.   Reporting from the Root Beer Capitol of the area.   See you on the trail Mr. D