Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

2011 Summer Camp in New York - Camp S(something German)

7/18/2011 Mr D Unknown

Well here we are - after a good bit of technical know how that included 24 feet of bailing wire, a George Foreman grill, the hood ornament off of an old desotto and three scouts with braces linked together - We were able to get a quick link to the internet so that I could once again regail you with the songs and stories of our beloved boys of troop 603.   The bus ride was not nearly as bad as it sounded.  really - getting everyone up and loaded by 4:30 am in Sunday was a breeze - and the following 8 hours of sheer bus rinding bliss was lovely.  The new camp is a totally new experience for the boys - tramping through the new paths and hearing 11,000 complaints varying from its too hot and the trading post doesn't serve the ice cream I like to do we really have to eat that - made my trip!  After a few rousing speaches about how this was going to be a new experience and that it would be just as much fun as every other year, I got very good at dodging rocks. Truth is - the camp is nice, different- yes, but well organized and kept up. And the meals - WOW - the things you can do with Salsbury steak - who would've known? My new young braves (first year boys) had their first classes this morning and came back with grins so large they could have been continiued on another scout!  It was really fun seeing them start their week with such a high level of enthusiasm.  The best part was I could watch them from a cool spot next to the trading post while enjoying a root beer float - the joys of being the scoutmaster - hehehehehhehe We have 4 of our older boys taking part in the Kodiak program here at camp - I got to see them work with two other boys to get everyone over a fifteen foot high wall with only themselves as a means to accomplish the climb.  It was a real proud moment when I got to see the last of my boys get over the top! I am going to keep it short tonight to conserve the batteries of all of  the electronics and also it looks like the boys I mentioned with braces are starting to get tired. In short - All is Well - The boys are all really in positive spirits after their first day - and the adult leaders have found awsome spots to take a daily nap. Look for a new post tomorrow! See you on the trail Mr D