Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Camp Buck Toms - Summer Camp 2022 - Day 1

6/26/2022 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Im sitting here in the dark listening to the rain fall on the trees and tin roof of the the Adirondack. There is a slight breeze coming off the lake, the camp is quiet. That is not to say today has been a quiet day. Like most summer camp travel days, today started before the sun was up. At 3am, we roused the boys and loaded into the van. We made a quick stop at Wawa to top off the gas tank and to get some subs for lunch, and we were off. The nice thing about driving that early in the morning is that the roads are relatively empty, the down side is that its SOOOO early, Mr Knipe is not a morning person.  Given the early hour the boys slept through the most of it.  Mr. Farris and I swapped driving duties somewhere on RT.81.   Our first real adventure for the day was getting breakfast.  Not to be one to break with tradition, Mr Farris found us a Golden Corral right off of 81 near Roanoke VA.  I was surprised to see the boy were not on a mission to see what they could get away with dunking in chocolate, instead they settled for cotton candy.... after eating some real food first.  We also took the opportunity to refill the gas tank, and Mr. Knipe needed to make a trip into the grocery store to get a tooth brush since he left his at home.  From there Mr Farris drove through the rest of Virginia, passing the wheel back to Mr Knipe once we reached Tennessee. 

No Troop 603 trip is complete without a little rain, and of course, we had more than a little while driving.  We had everything from nice light drizzle, to torrential down pour.  At one point I thought we should have brought paddles.  As we were approaching the camp, we found that we were making much better time than we had planned so we made our first Walmart stop of the trip.  This time it wasnt because we needed anything, it was to use the restroom and to get some drinking so we could eat those lunches that we brought all the way from Delaware.  Wouldnt you know it, it was like 90 degrees, so we climbed back into the van, cranked the AC and enjoyed out lunch while watching more rain clouds roll in.  

While we were sitting there, we observed a very curious thing.  For what ever reason, our van was apparently the point where people decided to make u-turns in the parking lot.  We had to have witnessed 20 or more drivers make u-turns around our van, some coming very close to clipping us.  I dont know what was special about our packing spot, but it gave Mr. Farris and Myself endless amounts of amusement while we wait for our check in time to approach.  Finally it was time for us to go get checked in.  Me made the final 20 minute drive to the camp and that when the real fun began.  We got to the camp and unloaded into a trailer the camp staff kindly used to deliver our stuff to our camp site.  This was a great service as you will discover here in a bit.  After that we were whisked off on our tour. We got to see the dinning hall, and then turn in the medical forms, and then hike down to the water front and then to our campsite.  Our guide was kind enough to tell us the name of the hill we were climbing... apparently they call it Cardiac Hill...  and I think it is aptly named.   I have been to a lot of summer camps in my day.  I dont think I have been one that has had a hill as steep and as long as this one.  I have seen steep, short climbs, I have seen long climbs but this monster is steep and long, if I dont have calves that can break bricks by the end of this week, im doing something wrong.  Ohh and by the way, our camp site is the furthest from everything, and that hill is our access, so yeah lots of hill climbing is in our future.

After getting to our camp site, we got our swim trunks on an went back to the water front for our swim test... which given the weather may or may not have happened.  We were lucky though, we were there right in an appropriate window where there werent any concerns about lightning.  Im happy to report we all passed our swim test with flying colors.  This was followed by a rush back to camp to get dressed for dinner and then to climb up that crazy hill.  Dinner was pretty good, lasagna, rolls, green beans, cookie, and salad.  After that we headed back to camp in time for the rain to start anew.  The side effect of this being the opening campfire was postponed until tomorrow night.  At this point the boys are all in bed, and im sitting here remembering that I have left my newly acquired toothbrush in the van, at the top of the hill...  I can tell you this, im not climbing that hill again tonight.

This tired scoutmaster is signing off
Mr Knipe