Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Camp Buck Toms - Summer Camp 2022 - Day 2

6/27/2022 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Today was the first real day of summer camp. We all got up fairly early and had to make our way to the parade field for opening flags.  You wouldnt think that it would be hot at 8am, but its was.  Though maybe humid is a better descriptor.   Todays activities had the boys doing different things.  Our older scouts headed off to the Mountain Man program, with todays activity being mountain biking. Our younger scout had his first day of the Dan Beard Program which will get him through early all his first 3 ranks of scouts.  And Mr. Farris and I spent the day figuring out how many different ways we could walk up the hill.  Today we also had a surprise emergency drill, Im happy to report all of our scouts are accounted for.  I also had an opportunity to test out the Slushie Machine.  I can say with all certainty, that the Slushie Machine works, though I think ill do a bit more testing throughout the week.  After dinner, our youngest scout spent some well earned time playing GaGa ball. For those who arent familiar with the sports, its kind of like the Thunder Dome but for scouts.  Great fun was had all around.  We closed out the evening with the Opening Camp Fire which was postponed from last night due to the rain.  It was a good time and I think we all got a laugh out of it.  The temperature for tonight is a little on the cool side, which will be great for sleeping.  Which our scouts are already doing by the sound of snoring rolling through camp.  I am on my way to get some sleep as well, but first, im going to put that newly acquired toothbrush to work!