Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Camp Buck Toms - Summer Camp 2022 - Day 3

6/28/2022 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Greetings from Camp Buck Toms.  Today was filled with activity, for our scouts anyway.  Our youngest scout spent the day learning knots and lashings.  He also found some time to go fishing at the lake with some of his new friends.  Of course his evening was filled with GaGa ball, he played until the staff took the ball because it was getting too dark.  Given the chance I have no doubt that they all would have played well into the night.  Our older scouts had a different adventure and spent the day rock climbing, they were back in camp long enough to repack their packs and then they were off to their next adventure.  I have it on good authority that tomorrow will be spent doing shooting sports, while our youngest scout will be spending the day at the waterfront.

Never fear, while the scouts were having a great time learning new skills Mr. Farris and I spent some time practicing old skills, namely napping in hammocks. I think we have both earned the hammock napping merit badge at this point.  Also, we tested the Slushies again, you know for science purposes, and they are still quite good.

Thats all from Camp Buck Toms!!!