Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Camp Buck Toms - Summer Camp 2022 - Day 4

6/29/2022 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Hey There Summer Camper Families. 

Wednesday, the middle of the week, and also what feels like the longest slowest day of the week.  Normally by this time of the week our scouts have settled into their routines.  They know their way to their class, and to and from the dining hall and our camp site.  There is also an air of tiredness that starts to hang over things, scouts are a little quieter, there are fewer out playing GaGa ball until they cant see.  That is the effect of being out in the hot sun all day long.  Despite this, our scouts are still having a great time.  Our youngest scout spent half his day at the waterfront learning rescue techniques, and the other half of the day practicing his fitness requirements for rank. Our older boys went cliff jumping and swam in a lake that was fed by a waterfall. Tonight was troop cook night.  We were provided some food and we had to cook in our campsite.  Normally this wouldnt phase us, we cook in out campsites all the time, but at summer camp we dont normally pack things like mess kits or cooking utensils.  But we made due, it was made easier because it was burgers and dogs, so we dont really need a lot of stuff to cook or eat that.  After dinner our youngest scout and Mr. Farris participated in the Scoutmaster/Scout shooting competition.  We arent sure of the results yet, but they had a great time doing it.  For our older scouts they spent the evening sleeping before having to head back to their mountain man program.

Tomorrow is a new day, what is in store, we dont yet know, but it will be an adventure