Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Camp Buck Toms - Summer Camp 2022 - Day 5

6/30/2022 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Greetings From Camp Buck Toms,

Last night was a hot and humid night, making it hard to get a good nights sleep.  Today was no different, even sitting in the shade was enough to make you sweat.  Thankfully there was an occasional breeze throughout the day that made things seem not so bad.  Today our youngest scout had some time at the COPE course where he was able to rappel from the climbing wall, as well as spend some time working on making fire, and spent the evening with his friends at the waterfront swimming in the lake.  After dinner, there was, as always, GaGa ball.   Tonight was also troop bath night.  Our young scout went to the bath house and came back looking clean.  Im guessing he showered but I have no way to know for sure.   Quietness seems to be hitting our camp earlier every night.  I know im ready for bed.  Our scouts are having a great time, and are looking forward to closing campfire tomorrow night.  I will likely not be sending out an update tomorrow night, ill save the final tales for your scouts to tell you when we get home Saturday. 

Your sweating Scoutmaster