Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Day 1

7/2/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 15, 2007 Everyone was awake at 3:00 AM.  The Scouts did a good job of packing their gear and cleaning up the church.  Good thing we up early, because Raymond, our shuttle driver, showed up 15 minutes early.  Smooth sailing up I-95.  Everyone made it through security with no problems.  We had breakfast at Burger King.  They wouldn't take the troop debit card, so I had to find a MAC machine. We had a smooth flight and arrived in Orlando at 9:20 AM.  The Brauneller's (Sean & Derek) were waiting for us at baggage claim.  Rob, Sean and I went off in search of our rental vans.  We drove the vans over to the baggage claim area and our separation into 2 crews began.  Not sure Gil Whiteside would survive here, the speed limit is 70 mph!!!! We found a "Publix" Grocery Store and stocked up on provisions on the way to Jetty Park Campground.  We arrived at the campground shortly after 1:00 PM.  Justin and Derek took care of lunch and the rest of the crew set up our tents.  After lunch, everyone got ready for the beach.  Chris, Billy and Erik disappeared and were found swimming in the ocean.  Justin and Andrew, the crew leaders, decided that some extra KP would be appropriate.  I gave a "refresher" course on the rules of "Safe Swim Defense" and we all moved on. Everyone came back from our swim around 5:00 PM, and we started heading to the showers.  It was amazing how clear the water was, hopefully a sign of things to come as we head farther south.  Josh and Andrew are cooking dinner as I write.  The rest of the crew are sitting around the table talking about RonJon's Surf Shop, our destination for tonight.