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January 2008 - Lake Minisink

2/13/2008 admin Unknown

January Ski Trip

 Submitted by Kyle M.

We had our annual ski trip to Alpine Mountain on January 18, 19 and 20. We arrived at the refrigerator we sleep in at around 8 o’clock on Friday night. We had hot dogs and chips for snack and then had a fabulous night of sleep on the refrigerator floor. For breakfast, we had pancakes (round this time) and bacon and went straight to the mountain. Some of us skied and others went tubing.  There were a couple good falls but no broken bones this year. We met back at the ski lodge at noon and had turkey, ham, and pb&j sandwiches for lunch and went back out on the mountain. We came back to the lodge and went back to our lovely icebox. We had beef stew for dinner.  We had the  campfire outside.  There were skits but, many more jokes this time. We spent the rest of the night talking and listening to Andrew’s legends. The next morning we packed up and had breakfast sandwiches and came home.  We all had a good time.