Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Lums Pond and Old New Castle

3/3/2020 MrKnipe 3rd Weekend

This weekend we decided to keep out camp close to home and went to Lums Pond.  We decided to keep it close so the boys could participate in a History Lesson and Tour of Old New Castle.  It was not supposed to be incredibly cold, turns out the weather was wrong, big surprise.  We were expecting it to be in the mid 20's, turns out 18 was more accurate.  It was a bit of a cold night.  Early the next morning we made some breakfast and headed into Old New Castle.  The class session was really interesting.  I secretly think the adults that attended got more out of it than the scouts did.  For instance, did you know the american soldiers were fighting with the Native Americans at the same time that they were fighting with the British? I know I didnt.  I always thought of them as 2 separate times.

After the classroom session, we had some lunch and then got a tour of the Old Court House.  The Court House was originally built in 1723.  The court house was where the Constitution was presented to Delaware after being ratified.  It was really cool to visit and see.

After our tour we headed back to camp for an Adult vs Scouts football game.  The boys thought of it as a rematch to the game that happened last May where the adults beat the scouts.  Turns out, the adults we able to pull out another victory, but the narrowest of margins.  The final score was 10 - 1, it was real touch and go there for a while.

We closed out the night like we always do with a camp fire and Thorns and Roses.  Turns out, it was going to be another very cold night.   Thank fully I was very tired from playing football so I had no problem sleeping!