Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Resica Fall Summer Camp - Day 1... well 1.5

7/5/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Greetings from Resica Falls Scout Reservation. So far things have gone pretty smooth.  Like most first half days, the sunday was spent in a hurry up and wait mentality.  Hurry up and get going in the morning, then wait for breakfast.  Hurry Up and get up to camp, and wait for check in.  Then hurry up and get ready for your swim test, then wait in line for the test.  The swim tests went smooth, all the scouts (and even us old adults) passed.  The opening camp fire was something else.  Each camp has their own sense of flair, and this camp is big on the Knights of The Bushkill theme.  The staff was dressed for the Ren Faire.  It was a fun night with plenty of laughs.
Today was the first day of real activity.  All the scouts disappeared for some High adventure on the Ropes and COPE course this morning.  From what I understand swinging into a rope net is more painful than one would think.  From the sounds of it they had a blast. This afternoon was spent in merit badge classes.  After dinner tonight we had a fun evening of field games.  The boys had a good time doing the balancing/pool noodle fighting, and then we squared off against each other making a castle and trying to knock each others down using a rubber duck and slingshot.  It was a good time.  After sending this email Mr. Farris and I are going to head down to the pool for some Adult Swim and some bbq hamburgers and hot dogs.  We cant let scouts have all the fun.
So far I have yet to sample this camps slushies, however both Mr. Farris and I had a chance to relax in our hammocks and take a nap.  Let me tell you, this summer camp stuff is hard work
Thats all for tonight!  Your Slightly Sunburned Scoutmaster