Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Resica Fall Summer Camp - Day 2

7/6/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Good Evening from the slightly damp Troop 603 Camp site.  I say damp because we had one heck of a rain storm this evening.  Not to worry, we are all dry in our tents at this point, getting some much needed rest.  This morning we all took part in the first of 4 polar bear swims.  Now, I know Polar Bear swim brings to mind frigid waters, snow, ice etc.  I assure you we had none of that this morning.  In fact, the water was a nice refresher after the warm muggy night. Our swim tomorrow however is shaping up to be a different story. After our daily site cleaning, the boys went off on their daily high adventure.  Todays adventure involved a hike which included wading across a river. One of our intrepid scouts dropped one of his boots into said river and they had to chase it down before it floated away.  He came walking back into camp, on a gravel road mind you, bare foot.  He has since borrowed a pair of tennis shoes for getting around camp.  He would have been perfectly happy walking around camp barefoot... ugg.  After the hike they arrived at what the camp calls Fossil Rock.  From here they spent the morning jumping off the rock and into the water.  I havent seen the rock, but every time they tell a story about it, it gets a little higher above the water.

This afternoon was filled with Merit Badges and ATV's.  After all the classes were done for the day, we all sat around a table and enjoyed slushies and told each other about our triumphs. This evening was meant to be a water carnival.  Sadly due to the storm those activities were canceled.  They may be rescheduled for tomorrow, we have to wait and see.
One important piece of housekeeping.  We will be returning home Friday Evening. I am not yet sure of the time, but I will be sending text messages and making calls to the parents of the scouts that are here as we head out.  I had mentioned that I thought this was likely the case during drop off, but I wanted to confirm with everyone that will indeed be the case.
We are all looking forward to what tomorrow brings!  More to come!