Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Resica Fall Summer Camp - Day 3

7/7/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Hey Mike What Day Is It? Its Hump Day!!!!  

Yup, we are halfway through the week.  Its amazing to think how fast time flies when you have to walk everywhere.  When I say walk everywhere, I mean everywhere, thus far my watch has clocked us at around 33.5 miles since Sunday.  Where are you going you might ask? Well, basically down hill to breakfast, up hill to camp, down hill to lunch, up hill to camp, down hill to dinner, up hill to camp, down hill for colors, up hill to camp, down hill for <insert camp thing here> and back up hill to camp.  I have no doubt in my mind the boys have clocked in at least 50% more miles than I have! Speaking of the boys, since you know, thats what you all actually want to hear about, they spent their morning at the lake canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and playing a game known as lake ball. They came back tired, so they must have had a good time.  I think all in the 603 camp would agree lunch was the highlight meal of the day, and the slushies have been clutch in battling the heat.  Be sure to ask your scout about "The Plague" slushie. To say today was a hot one was an understatement.  It was so hot, even the rocks were sweating.  It was so hot all the boys voluntarily took showers.  I know, you think I must be exaggerating about the shower thing, but I kid you not, they all went of their own accord.  I thought I might be experiencing heat stroke.    After lunch a few of us went up to the rifle range for some troop shooting, and then headed back to camp while the boys finished their classes. This evening was pretty low key, the threat of thunderstorms canceled a few activities and moved a few others indoors. The boy mainly hung around camp playing games. Tomorrow is the last full day of camp, hopefully the storms hold off long enough for all the possible fun to be had. With the last full day of camp in sight we are all starting to  dream of real beds and air conditioning.  

Until Tomorrow

Your slightly damp... you know because of sweat this time... Scoutmaster