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Sea Base - Day 10

11/3/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 24, 2007

We had a cold breakfast this morning and started packing. Everything that we brought to the island, plus everything that we used on the island, had to go back to the Brinton Center. Fortunately, everything other than our personal gear went back on a Dusky. Our personal gear went into the kayaks with us. We launched the kayaks around 10:00 AM. Our crews were ready to go earlier, but we had to wait for the other crews to get ready. Once we launched the kayaks, it became clear that we were in for a ling paddle. The water was flat, but it was hot. We had 5 ½ miles ahead of us! Our island mates, Jim and Journey, set the pace for the group. Mr. Carlson and I were right behind them, the whole way. We took three breaks along the way. It was amazing how spread out the group got…

As we were approaching the Brinton Center, I had to stand up in the kayak to get some relief for my back. I suggested to Mr. Carlson that he keep paddling and look straight ahead, while I quietly tried to stand up in the kayak. I’m sure it was quite a sight! We finally made it back to the Brinton Center around 12:30 PM. I was able to help Mr. Carlson get the kayak out of the water and onto the dock, but that was it. My back was shot!

It was a proud moment when I realized that all of our guys were in long before the other crews. We had to rinse our life jackets before going any further. I think it was the most pleasurable job that I had done all week. I told Mr. Carlson to keep his PFD on and then proceeded to squirt him down with a hose. It was the first time in five days that our bodies had felt fresh water, and it was cold water too! We then proceeded to empty the Dusky of the empty water jugs, Jerry cnas, trash cans, bait coolers and trash. We started cleaning and putting everything away when Jim stopped us. We had finished with our gear and Jim told us that the other crews would take care of their stuff. Another proud Scoutmaster moment happened as I watched our Scouts stay on task cleaning and storing equipment. They did this while watching the other crews return and run to the soda machines.

After everything was cleaned, we sent the boys off to shower. The adults ran for their cell phones to call home. I can’t wait to see the rest of my family! Mr. Carlson and I purchased razors and shaved before hitting the showers. Obviously, the shower felt great! I headed to the ship’s store to pick up some souvenirs for my children at home, and I order the crew photos. Most of the boys crashed on their bunks in the air conditioned dorm room.

We put on our Hawaiian shirts for the flag ceremony and then headed to our Luau. Everyone did the limbo and played other games. Our dinner was served at 7:00 PM, coconut rice, mahi-mahi, salad and key lime pie. A delicious feast! After dinner, we all attended the chapel service. The pastor had a good message, but he was a little long winded. I called Mr. Hidinger’s cell phone about half way through the service, to hear his ringtone. Mr. Carlson cracked up at that one!

After the chapel service, all five crews that were on the island assembled for some skits and songs. Erik P. came in second place for the most bug bites. We also received our patches for completing the experience. Each crew then went to a separate area with their island mates to do a thorns and roses session, and to complete a participant survey. It was getting late, so all of the crews headed off for bead. Our guys packed up our gear before going to sleep.