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Sea Base - Day 3

11/3/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 17, 2007

We got the boys up at 6:00 AM and were on the road by 7:00 AM. Had breakfast at Waffle House, on our way to Miami. Forgot tomention, we took pictures outside of the Navy Seal Museum and decided not to stick around. We drove to Miami Beach and found a spot on the sand. I have never seen such clear water! In 15 feet of water, I was able to see the bottom. The boys were disappointed at the lack of waves. I think the topless women sunbathers made up for it, at least for the adults. After a late lunch, we headed for Bill Baggs State Park. Very nice campsite, except for the bugs.

We then decided to find a place for dinner. Along the way, a decision was made to head farther south. Mr. Carlson called a friend in the area and the next thing I knew, we were in Key Largo. We had a fantastic dinner at Hobo’s Café and then went searching for somewhere to sleep. We found a security guard sitting at Key Largo Kampground and after some discussion he agreed to let us set up on two very small sites. Fortunately, there was a pool that were were all in by 9:00 PM. Swam until 10:00 PM and then hit bed. Another hot night. I woke up covered in sweat around midnight. I went outside and found Mr. Sharkey sitting on a picnic table, with the same problem. We finally decided that it would be easier to deal with the bugs and slept behind the vans. I think that we got one hour of sleep, between the two of us.