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Sea Base - Day 4

11/3/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 18, 2007

Alarm clock went off at 5:30, but Mr. Carlson, Mr. Sharkey and I were already up. We went to Burger King for breakfast, after packing up the vans. We were on the road by 9:00 AM. A quick stop at K-Mart for a battery operated fan for Mr. Carlson and myself, can’t wait to try it out! We stopped at Robbie’s Marina in Marathon, Fl to feed the tarpon. Turned out to be a very cool thing to do. Most of the guys were throwing the bait into the water. Sean H. was lying down on the dock, hand feeding the fish, that is until a tarpon came half way up his arm. We got back on the road and continued our journey to Key West.

We checked in to Sigsbee RV Park and changed into bathing suits. Next stop, Burger King for lunch. After lunch, we searched for boats to rent, but had no luck. Next, we went to the beach. They don’t have a nice beach in Key West. The water was full of flotsam, Jetsam and Sea Grass. I don’t think we were on the beach for an hour.

We went back to the campground to get showers for our big night out on the town. While waiting for everyone to finish showering, Mr. Carlson took our van to the car wash and vacuumed the interior. We got to the Sunset Festival on Mallory Square around 6:30 PM. What a neat experience! Performers were juggling fire sticks, doing magic, walking on tightropes, etc. Musicians performed in a variety of formats. We stayed until dark, the boys occupying themselves by playing hacky-sack. They even made a friend, a young man with dred locks joined their circle. Unfortunately, the sunset was obscured by clouds.

After we left the Sunset Festival, we headed to the Hogsbreath Saloon for dinner. Since it was a 30 minute wait and lobster was not on the menu, we left. We ended up having dinner at a place called “Red Fish, Blue Fish”. The meal was expensive and just “okay”. As we were leaving the restaurant, Alex S. realized that he was missing his glasses. The adults searched the streets and Mr. O’Sullivan and I took the boys to search Mallory Square. Funny sight, seeing a “police line” walking through Mallory Square searching for the glasses. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the glasses.

We got back to the campground at 11:45 PM and got the boys to bed. Earlier in the day, we had collected everyone’s dirty clothes. After getting the boys settled, the adults started doing the laundry. When we got the first loads started, Mr. Carlson, Mr. Sharkey and I went on a coffee run. Finally, around 3:00 AM, with all of the laundry finished, we went to bed.