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Sea Base - Day 5

11/3/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 19, 2007

By 7:30 AM, a couple of us were hitting the showers. Mr. Carlson and I went on a coffee run. When we got back, all of the tents were down and the boys were packing their bags. Mr. Carlson got a couple of the boys started on breakfast, while the rest got showers. We said grace at 9:40 AM and had breakfast, french toast and sausage. After breakfast, we re-packed the vans for the last time and headed to Sea Base. We had pizza for lunch at “A Slice Of Paradise” and arrived at Sea Base at 1:50 PM.

After unloading our vans, we met Jim & Journey, our island mates. They showed us to our dorm room, where we changed into swimsuits for the swim test. Mr. Carlson and I were first in the water and completed the test with no problem, other than a jellyfish sting for Mr. Carlson. Just as we were finishing up the swim test, a storm rolled in, so the snorkel check will have to wait until tomorrow. Mr. Sharkey and I returned the rental vans and got back just in time for dinner.

After dinner, we attended the opening campfire and saw a slide show about the island. It was the same slide show that was sent in the Leader’s Guide.