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Sea Base - Day 9

11/3/2008 tmccann Unknown

June 23, 2007

We woke up around 7:00 AM this morning and had corned beef for breakfast. We waded out to the floating dock at 9:00 AM to get on the “Dusky”. A Dusky is a motor boat, with a 250 HP motor. It’s a center console. Our captain today is Captain Josh. He took us out to Looe Key for snorkeling. Absolutely amazing! Visibility was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I didn’t snorkel very long, my mask did not fit well. I did, however, enjoy sitting on my buoyancy vest in the water.

Everyone likes the boat rides because air is moving. This island, while beautiful, is quite hot. Any breeze is welcome relief. The No-See-Ums are unbearable. Erik P. is bitten from head to toe. My neck is full of bumps. Tonight, before bed, we’re going to rub Erik down with some hydro-cortisone cream.

After snorkeling, we came back for lunch. After lunch we did our service project. We moved some sargassum from the beach up to the berm in front of the campsites. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. Mr. Carlson and I fell asleep in our hammocks.

We had a potluck dinner with the other crews on the island. I was a little disappointed that the staff did not do anything as far as introductions. Everyone said the Sea Base Blessing, ate and went back to their campsites.

It’s about 8:00 PM as I write tonight. The sun is setting, the bugs are coming back out, and it is still hot. Billy D. just sat down next to me, he looks almost as bad as Erik P. does with the bug bites. This island is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. It is definitely peaceful. The boys are finishing up the dishes and working on their skit for the closing campfire.

The campfire was very creative. They had a hermit crab race to determine who was going to clean the CTS’ (Latrines). Our crew’s crab, named “I Don’t Know”, lost the race. They opened the campfire with the “Crabmaster” emerging from the sand. The Crabmaster, Island Mate Hoover, was completely buried in the sand. The campfire was opened by calling for the Crabmaster. When the cheers were loud enough, the Crabmaster’s arm appeared, followed by the rest of him. The Island Mates did a few repeat after me songs and Island Mate Jim told a story. After the fire, everyone went back to their campsites. Our boys all headed for bed. The adults from our two crews sat out on the beach, enjoying the cool breeze and each other ‘s company.