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Summer Camp - Another night in Heaven

7/10/2008 Mr D Unknown

Well here we are at the end of our journey. Our last night here at summer camp in 2008 and we had an awesome time. Seems like time flew - and early tomorrow we'll all say goodbye until September. I'm sitting here again in the cool admin building next to my friend Mr Sharkey as he looks at our troop videos on Youtoob (yet another shameless plug for Mr D's movement to the electronic age) We're all sad about leaving.......leave....hold on.. .......... .......... What? We have another day? SWEET!!!! I have not read the posts from the other nights - so if I repeat how proud I am about our boys, you'll all have to deal with it and forgive me. To this point there has been no issue that could possibly take away from the pride I have for each and everyone of the boys of Troop 603. Tonight was our Hawaiian luau and the prep started with the awesome members of our traveling snack shack. The pit had been dug and fire lit for the oncoming pig roast. The look on some of the scouts faces when the cooler holding porky was opened and the four legs stood up was priceless. It ranges from a wide eyed "COOL!" to a wide eyed "I'M NOT EATING THAT!" Walking our youngest patrol to their first session this morning was an experience after they saw the pig. I had one boy swear over to vegetarianism and another wonder if they would let him keep the head, he knew his mom had room in the freezer. (Careful when you open the returning TI boxes this weekend!) I only had one guy fall into the water when we hunted for frogs this morning, far less then I thought we would have - and they caught tadpoles, frogs, each other and the Counselor in their nets as they communed with nature again. Almost forgot to update you on our outdoor survivalists! I got back from writing to you late last night through a fog of bad spelling, walked back to camp through the rain (feeling bad for me yet?) and checked on the boys. I turned off my flashlight so that I could sneak up and listen to the chatter - because I figured they would never sleep through the night, this was too cool. But to my surprise I heard nothing. Ok - they ditched the idea and were say and sound in their cots - nope. I shined the flashlight in and saw the three sleeping, dirty faces of our boys fulfilling their requirement. Now, I'll be honest here, I did leave the camp to write last nights blog - but mostly to leave as the boys built their shelter. The last thing they needed my my hovering hulkiness as they prepared to sleep ala cart. I got back to camp and sat in a chair out side the hovel for as long as I dared to trust the canvas cover to not fall in on me and then went to bed, clearly seeing everything that could possibly go wrong to the broken down bamboo cover as I slept safely in my tent. The last time I checked my watch before actually falling asleep was deep into the night / early morning. Just don;t tell them - it would ruin all the work I've done to seem uncaring and heartless ;-). They got up and out of the shelter the next morning with one of the fine accomplished young lads asking our fearless leader if he could sleep in there again the next night! So back to today - the realization of greatness continued - I had reports of at least one of the boys finishing his work early and earning their badge, Water Skiers completing their requirements, seeing pictures of final lashing projects, sampling some awesome scout cooking, rock climbing accomplishments and witnessing some extreme effort to try to earn lifesaving merit badges. The dreaded 5 mile hike for the youngest scouts was today. This is the time that, in the past, served to give the leaders some really funny stories and act as the final straw for some of the boys. I am extremely pleased to report that none of my boys had the slightest of breakdowns! That isn't to say that I wasn't asked 4,569,852 times "how many miles have we walked so far?" on an trail that had no distance markers. But we all got through it. My funniest experience today happened right before we started our walk. One boy was frustrated with his camel back (an over the back water bladder with a long flexible straw) because it was leaking. As I am the fix-it-up chappy, I asked to take a look. Now, it was about then that I learned something new. Yep - even old guys like me can learn something each day! I learned that carrying your open shampoo bottle on you back in a leaking camel back can create and awful lot of bubbles! Yep - this poor guy had a good foam going down his back before we left. The good news is, I was able to fix the cap on the bladder and the soapy water did not get mixed into his refreshing drink! AND the soapy water was another step closer to a shower, but he wasn't that dirty because he had a shower three days ago - with soap!!! And besides, he was in the pool every day (see one of the past days references to chlorine) A few of the boys completed they 1 mile swim today! the lion share of these boys were my Scorpions! Proud? maybe a little - One guy didn't make it to the end, but the fact that he got in the pool and tried meant as much to me as the ones that finished - I only said that to him 3 times, and I did get a small smile through the tears. The Luau was great - the Tiki Bar was open for business with three coolers full of delightful bug juice! fresh fruit and even water ice!! My older guys were beautifully dress for the occasions with their flowered bras and welllll......let's just wait for the pics and court of honor videos, shall we? Well - We're in the home stretch now...... Last day of fun and accomplishments! Oh, and the boy that wanted to sleep in the shelter again decided against it. He is sleeping with his pioneering class in a different shelter he built in class today! GO BUD!!!!! Gonna try and get some sleep again - starting to see things from lack of sleep. Would've sworn the swim tests were being given by the care bears earlier today, I think I was wrong, but not really sure. Some of you sent me emails to tell me you have been reading! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it! See you on the trail! Mr D