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Summer Camp - Day 563,603,941 The Curse of the Haunted Latrine

7/9/2008 Mr D Unknown

MADE YOU LOOK! BWA HA HA HA HA! Attention Mr and Mrs America and all the ships at sea! Flash - Our Boys have made it past the hardest point in their tour of duties. Wow! always wanted to do something like that. I have felt like a reporter in the field putting words to fast moving black and white pictures for the newsreal that comes between the 3rd trip to the lobby for a snack and the main feature. Today was the toughest point of the week for summer camp. The first hurdle is the initial realization that the boys are not home. Happens on day one, some tears, some anger, mostly misplaced excitement. SOme of the boys are so excited that if they tried to expell bodily gases they would actually blow themselves to the next camp site. (sorry mom's, made it as high brow as I could, but I am out in a field for half a week with Pre-teen and teens, and let's face it, It's me. But anywho, this is the day that the boys realize a number of things- 1) They only have a couple of more days to finish all of the work that they put off and Mr D will be disappointed if I do not get my badge - HA! untrue - I've had 5 conversations with scouts today about the importance of trying. I cannot be disappointed as long as they do that. 2) Today marks the longest they have been away camping since last year - I miss my gameboy - Ok, they tell me I miss my Mom and Dad - but in most cases electonicgameboy360wiianideous has set in. It's not uncommong to see a scout twitching his fingers like he was holding that beloved game pad. 3) HEY WE STINK AND THE POOL IS NOT CUTTING IT! Yep - they are finally tired of being dirty. I've seen more showers today than when I worked as a banquet waiter during wedding season. 4) Fatigue is setting in. These guys have been going full tilt for three days. Sugar from the Trading Post and Bug Juice will finally take its toll and yesterday we started in the pool at 6:a and ended back in the pool at 11:00p. Don't worry guys we are all trained professionals! well, at least trained. We got each of the boys back into the camp spirit using combinations of humor and humor. All is back on track for the rest of the week! And now for the news - The younger guys, my Brownsea dudes, Scorpion Patrol, they won the campside challenge again and came back with the crown! MY BOYS!! don't surprised mom's if their voices all sound a little deeper on Saturday. Tomorrow is our 5 mile walk. This will be great! Mostly because I am going to have them carry me the whole way. I was able to take a bit of time to check on my own son today. Talk about being proud - I saw him lashing his own tripod during his time in Pioneering. It looked awsome and stood on its own. For a guy that has to be reminded to tie his shoes constantly, I saw this as a real step forward! I checked in on some of the other guys - one cooking a peach cobbler - which he brought back to camp.... and saved me a BIG bowl of it. Man - what a lucky day for me! Mailed some letter from the brothers to Mom. Not sure what they put in there - but darn, missed the days mail and they should arive after the lads are safely home, clean and fed. I even wrote a note - postcard style- on the outside of the envelope. Here's how it works - the letter get writen - the tears flow - I promise to mail them - and they go about their day and come back to tell me how much better they feel! Three of the boys are earning badges that have a really cool requirement - They have to build a shelter from natural materials and spend the night inside. These boys got permission from our altruistic, beneficent, benign, benignant, good, goodhearted, kind, kindhearted, kindly leader (I LOVE THE THEASURUS) to make their shelter in camp so that they would not have to spent a night in the scary dark of the Scout Craft area, and to complete the requirement a day early. Al was going well until teh sky opened up at the end of our campfire tonight - letting loose with a true 603 thunder storm. All that was missing from the swamp that was left over was teh croc hunter and a few of his larger scaly friends. I checked out the shelter after the storm, and it was absolutly fine, no issues, like the being at a four star overlooking the water..............Ok well there was water. "What do you mean we should have placed it on higher ground? and the plastic was placed on the ground so that we wouldn't get muddy.........er. and water goes between bamboo poles? but we put leaves on top..." Ok... so an inch of water on their emergency blankets might be a problem - but look at the bright side - the shack now had running water! Good thing they decided that sleeping in their survival abode would be a bad idead.....right? NOT So for the boys of 603! tear it down - rebuild! use some plastic and survive the night!!! Now when I was a cout I would've waited for the Scoutmaster to fall asleep (you can tell by the snoring) roll a pillow in the blankets (incase he checks) and get in my cot then sneak back before the camp wakes and fell like I got one over. Not these boy, it's a different time and they would never tink about it....That and we have 7 leaders that don;t sleep very well. In truth - these boys will not sleep - survive the night (it's half over right now anyway) and create a stronger bond between them. Another Life long memory compliment of scouting. Last note of the night.... The call out ceremony for OA was tonight. OA, for those that are not aware is the honor societ of scouting. We had two leaders and two scouts elected from their peers to be a part of this honor. curious? http://www.delmarvacouncil.org/ and click "Order of the arrow" on the right. Cool stuff! and no, I will not list any names. Let them tell you for themselves!!! Gonna go now and hit the rack - sleeeeeeeppppppy! Hope everone is enjoying this! Thanks to those that sent me emails! See you on the trail! Mr D