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Summer Camp - What a Week!!!!

4/30/2008 Mr D Unknown

Ok – So it’s been a while since I’ve added to “A MOMENT WITH MR D”

And, yes a few people have asked when I was going to put out a new entry…

But given that the WWW has about 1 bazillion cruising members – I have a question – mainly because no-one has posted a reply to my thoughts

Is there anyone out there?

If so – send me an email and let me know what you think – (hint, its on the Leadership tab)

Anywho, on to our next thought:

Springtime –

Nature is teeming with excitement, as the trees and flowers burst forth from their long winter’s wait to show off their “goods”.

One could use the word “effervesance” when referring to the abundant scents that surround you. The experience of walking down a wooded path gives you the opportunity to use all of you senses in the spring:

Touch – getting hit in the head for the umpteenth time by a branch when the guy in front of you forgets to hold it ..again

Hearing – Bugs, Birds the guy next to you complaining that it’s too hot for this

Smell – WOW! Nature at it’s best – just a quick shot of nasal spray and away you go!

Taste – was that a bug?

Sight – Spring is the best in the woods (next to fall) everything looks clean and new –

Taste - Did I tell you about the bug?

Ahhh….. Spring…… When a young lads attention turns inevitably towards summer camp.

Hold the phone – “SUMMER CAMP”!?!

Sure, in our modest troop of well over 40 boys the talk has already started, merit badge classes, tent buddies, visits to the trading post.

It brings me back to the first time I went to camp for a week. Pull up a log and I’ll tell you about my experiences.

All Set? Kay- here we go:

The weeks before we left had me pacing, really, back and forth pacing. I had a belly full of a combination of excitement over the thought of being with my “buds” full time for an entire week, and the dread of being with my “buds” for an entire week. I had no idea what to expect – sure, I’d done the “week-end” thing a bunch of times, but this is different. On week-end trips you spend a good deal of time just setting up, taking down and travel. How would we fill an entire week?

I found out quick – I was surrounded by all kinds of cool activities – archery, swimming (which doubled as bathing for some of us, a scout is thrifty with his time and water you know), boating, leather craft, fishing, hiking, games, bug catching, lizard watch, the weather rock, camp store, down time with my friends, and the best “after effects of beans” contest we had ever had!

Now sure, I got a little homesick, and so did some of the other new guys. But when we made it through the week on our own – man, everyone seemed about two inches taller! Don’t get me wrong – the weather was hot, the mosquitoes abundant and the jokes recycled. IN fact , it seemed that the harder the conditions got – the more fun we had. Summer Camp was more than “the program” for me. I made new friends, and got to know people a little deeper than before.

We had a BLAST! It was great to hear all of the conversations about how great “next year” would be as parents came to put everyone up.

Yep – my first experience at summer camp was great!

It was also just two years ago. {I’ll hold on while the image of a young scouting Mr.D that you may have had in your head catches up to the older more “defined” image of the “mature” Mr. D…………}



When I was a scout, back when the dinosaurs roamed, my troop [563] did not go to summer camp. I had to live on the experiences my father remembered to share from his time on Treasure Island Scout Reservation about 1 million years ago. *** by the way – the scouts then still told the same jokes ***

I was really happy to have shared my experience with my son, albeit at a distance so he didn’t know I was watching. But, for me, the best part of summer camp was the drive home, in air conditioning, and the conversation between us, realizing how much fun we had. A life long memory for both of us!


You won’t regret it!

***** Transcripts of this blog might be available at the Trading Post between the patches from years past and the colorful pen knives, just below the 100 year commemorative pencils and next to the C41-510/92G-Bacon Stretcher.

See you on the Trail!

Mr D.