Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

Summer Camp 2010 is Almost Here!

6/22/2010 Mr D Unknown

Ok….. queue the sappy music that brings a tear to your eye each time you hear it…..  Of course I realize it’s different for each of us – but mine was always that end credit music from the old Hulk TV Show with Lou Ferrigno…. Poor Bruce Banner…..  -          Anyway –  Here we are at the end of another 603 year, the boys have grown, some have advanced and all have had a good time.  Now we have to roll the flags, pack the tents and put away the gear until next time…….(heavy sigh and head hung low)….  -------------------------------  -------------------------------  Ummm What?!?!  It’s not over yet!?!  THAT’S RIGHT – WE STILL HAVE SUMMER CAMP!  WOOO HOOOOO  Another week of sweaty days and bug filled nights!  Can’t wait to get out there and listen to the wildlife (our boys).  I’ve done this summer camp thing for a number of years now and I’d like to list a few of the events that will happen during the week: 1)      None of the boys will be able to sleep that first night because of a combination of overexcitement and the sugar they consumed by spending all of their money at the trading post as soon as Mom and Dad left 2)      Morning will come a whole lot earlier at Summer Camp – I think it’s because we pass the date / time line or something – not sure will have to ask Mr. O- He’s kinda smart 3)      Mr. D will have to think fast whenever the camp inspector finds something “out of place” when he does his morning walkthrough – “honest sir the boy was so excited to get to his first class he ran clean out of his undershorts….that’s why they are in the middle of the path.” 4)      My “happy wanderer” will really try to make it to his first class on his own – it’s not his fault he saw something really interesting that made him forget where he was going 5)      The weather will have the same lovely temperature as seen in the fun filled movie with Peter O’Toole – “Lawrence of Arabia” though there will probably not be as many camels 6)      Humidity will be at a comfortable 3,000% 7)      KP will take 15 hours a day 8)      We will have some crying and homesickness…….. from the adult leaders 9)      We will miss Gil’s singing 10)   And finally…. your boys will all look like they’ve grown an inch when you see them at the end of their week. The look of accomplishment in their eyes cannot be beat!  Enjoy it!  I am really looking forward to this year’s summer camp!  We have an excellent group of boys and adult leaders attending!  But remember – no how much crying you see, Mr. Howe needs to stay the entire week!  See you on the trail! Mr. D.