Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

We're going to Camp!!

5/16/2008 Mr D Unknown

A few constants in 603 camping history -
1)  It will rain (regardless of the forecast)
2) Mr. D will have to call to make sure the directions he followed have gotten him lost
3) There will be 372 phone calls to Mr. McCann to remind him that this is cold and flu season and camping in the rain is merely tempting fate with our young boys immune systems
4) boys will mess with their rain fly (or not put them on properly) and will get wet
5) 56% of the scouts will not have the proper change of clothing and wear their wet gear without telling anyone until they get home and discover uncomfortable rashes.  ( they also will not learn from this and do it again )
6) Gil will sing
7) Joel loves bacon
8) Everyone else thinks its funny when Mr. Gray's coffee water is used for something other than Mr. Gray's coffee
9) We will hear "Mr. McCann" at least 72 times
10) We DO have a website, I checked
11) Even though it is raining - 43% of the boys will forget their Rain Gear.  They will however remember to hide their cell phones
12) Springtime? Wet conditions?  I don think there will be any bugs......
13) It's almost summer - how cold can it get at night.....
and the final constant ( and this will be come from the mouth of every scout at some time today)
- I KNOW....I'm telling you, I checked and I have everything I need to camp, come on - this isn't my first time doing this you know,  and it's only a weekend, Jeeez!
See you on the wet, muddy, buggy, camplaint filled, bog jumping, root tripping, thunder hearing, muggy feeling, sprintime smelling, feet hurting and all around FUN Trail.
Mr D