Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

7/8/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Good Evening from Resica Falls! As I sit here and type this email it is currently raining and has been for the last few hours. Im not one to get bummed by the rain, its a lovely sound to fall asleep to, but the thunder and lightning that came with this storm put a damper on the evening activities.  Im not sure our scouts minded much, as a couple of them have been asleep for the last 2 hours.  To say they had a long day is an understatement.

7/7/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Hey Mike What Day Is It? Its Hump Day!!!!   Yup, we are halfway through the week.  Its amazing to think how fast time flies when you have to walk everywhere.  When I say walk everywhere, I mean everywhere, thus far my watch has clocked us at around 33.5 miles since Sunday.

7/6/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Good Evening from the slightly damp Troop 603 Camp site.  I say damp because we had one heck of a rain storm this evening.  Not to worry, we are all dry in our tents at this point, getting some much needed rest.  This morning we all took part in the first of 4 polar bear swims.  Now, I know Polar Bear swim brings to mind frigid waters, snow, ice etc.  I assure you we had none of that this morning.

7/5/2021 MrKnipe Summer Camp

Greetings from Resica Falls Scout Reservation. So far things have gone pretty smooth.  Like most first half days, the sunday was spent in a hurry up and wait mentality.  Hurry up and get going in the morning, then wait for breakfast.  Hurry Up and get up to camp, and wait for check in.  Then hurry up and get ready for your swim test, then wait in line for the test.  The swim tests went smooth, all the scouts (and even us old adults) passed.

10/21/2012 Scoutmaster Summer Camp