Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

9/9/2011 Scoutmaster Summer Camp

Coastal Cleanup - Thanks to all who participated in this year's Coastal Cleanup. There was a lot of debris and trash to be picked up by the numerous Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, siblings and parents who showed up.

8/12/2011 Scoutmaster Summer Camp

High Adventure 2012 (July 26-Aug 4)- Canoeing and white water rafting in Maine Summercamp 2012 (July 1-7)- Pirates in Camp Pipsico, Virginia Susquehanna River Canoe Trip (May 18-20)- 7 miles down the river to Havre De Grace New York City (Apr 21-22)- Herding Scouts through NYC. Shooting Sports (Mar 16-18)- Gun safety and a great range at the Brandywine Rod & Gun Club makes for happy scouts.

7/2/2009 tmccann Summer Camp

Crew 626 - E1 has a long day ahead of them.  Quite frankly, I'm not sure how they will find the time to do everything that is on their itinerary today.  They'll start the day at Miranda Camp and head over to Baldy Town for a food pickup.  From there, they'll head over to French Henry Camp for program opportunities.   While at French Henry, the crew will explore an abandoned gold mine, work at the Blacksmith shop and do a little panning for gold.

7/1/2009 tmccann Summer Camp

Crew 626 - E1 will be headed for Miranda Camp today, which sits at 8,960 ft.  They have quite a few options how to get there, so I can only guess as to how many miles will be hiked today.  Hopefully, they will get up early this morning and get moving.

6/25/2009 tmccann Summer Camp

Hopefully, everyone saw the picture taken at the Garden of the Gods.  Thanks for sending it along Annette!  Here's another stock photo, to give you a better idea as to how big the place is...