Location: Kingswood United Methodist Church

Address: 300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE

8/12/2011 Scoutmaster Unknown

Boys Scout Troop 603 meets every Thursday night from 7-8:30PM during the regular school year. Join us at: Kingswood United Methodist Church 300 Marrows Road Newark, DE 19701 Come in the side door on the right side of the church. We meet in the fellowship hall in the basement of the church.

7/21/2011 Mr D Unknown

It’s kinda like an old western movie.  As the dust settles throughout the day – the groups of townsfolk all gather at the general store to catch up on the day’s events and settle back for a quick ROOT BEER FLOAT.  Not much different here at summer camp. In between the rush to be where ever a young lad and his buddy are off to, a quick stop for an infusion of sugary goodness can old make the day go that much better.

7/19/2011 Mr D Unknown

7/19/2011 Mr D Unknown

Believe you me, that is the question.  We knew what a kayak is and what a Yack is, but I gotta tell you the idea of a combination only brought me visions of a big smelly, hairy water vehicle that I was not in any way curious enough to check out.  But a scout is curious, so I had to know what this "funyack" thing really was.  One of our beloved, accident prone scouts went to the lake that was set for yacking earlier in the day.

7/18/2011 Mr D Unknown

Well here we are - after a good bit of technical know how that included 24 feet of bailing wire, a George Foreman grill, the hood ornament off of an old desotto and three scouts with braces linked together - We were able to get a quick link to the internet so that I could once again regail you with the songs and stories of our beloved boys of troop 603.   The bus ride was not nearly as bad as it sounded.

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